Metrix is the largest meter asset owner and provider of metering services in the Auckland region.

Metrix provides residential and commercial metering equipment - including load control devices - throughout the North Island to all electricity retailers.

As well as supplying and reading metering equipment, Metrix has experience in collating vast amounts of data in a variety of formats.  Metrix also supplies services to the wider electricity industry including electricians, developers, builders and contractors.

In this dynamic and rapidly changing environment, Metrix has implemented an Oracle-based Meter Data Management System to support the evolution of advanced metering infrastructure.

Metrix is currently upgrading its conventional meters to smart meters.  This programme of work will help to deliver operational cost efficiences and allow electricity Retailers to introduce product and service innovation to consumers.

Our end-to-end solution

  • Metering Equipment

    Metrix provides a range of metering and associated services to all major electricity Retailers, lines companies and other customers.

  • Data and Information Services

    Metrix has elected Oracle's utility data system to establish smart metering data services.

  • Smart Metering Solutions

    Metrix is employing a range of smart metering technologies and communication platforms to deliver a full solution for New Zealand.

  • Technology Testing and Compliance

    Metrix's industry-certified testing facilities are unique to the New Zealand market.

  • Field Service Operations

    Metrix offers extensive experience in both residential and commercial metering installation and maintenance.