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About Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Advanced Metering Infrastructure is much more than smart metering.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure includes the systems that measure, collect and examine energy consumption from innovative metering devices. Typically AMI systems measure electricity, gas and water usage, event information and the distribution of data, utilising a variety of communication media on request or to a predefined schedule.

System infrastructure includes hardware, software, communications, customer-associated systems and meter data management software. AMI systems are often combined with additional systems. These include asset and works order management and diagnostic tools that help manage the infrastructure. 

Metrix is deploying Advanced Metering Infrastructure which has powerful two-way communications, leveraging a range of smart metering and backhaul communications technologies. Rich and valuable information can be made available, enabling retailers to improve operational cost-efficiencies and deliver innovative products and services to the end-user.  

Network distributors can also benefit from analytical and diagnostic services that can contribute to improved network operations, power quality, outage and restoration management.