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Metrix Test House

Metrix utilises state-of-the-art, industry leading test equipment.

Metrix has comprehensive meter test and calibration facilities. This includes a meter test laboratory for meter calibration and certification and accelerated life cycle test chamber.

Test Chamber

With scale investment into a wide range of smart metering technologies, Metrix infrastructure management capability wouldn't be complete without its Environmental Test Chamber. This facility is used to accelerate environmental conditions and forecast potential technology issues in order to remedy these before equipment is placed in the field.

Meter Test Laboratory

Metrix calibration technicians are experienced in the calibration of all major meter types currently used in New Zealand.   

Metrix can provide laboratory-based calibration services to industry participants; including meter calibration and certification of whole current and current transformer connected meters to accuracy class 0.2; and calibration of both active and reactive energy measurement at high accuracy measurements, with very low measurement uncertainties.

Metrix Test House services include:

  • Ferraris Disc – to advanced electronic meters
  • Both single and three phase – 3 or 4 wire configurations
  • US ANSI type socket connected single phase meters
  • Customised testing at any additional customer-defined test points and power factor to maximum current of 120A
  • Measurements traceable to International Standards
  • IANZ endorsed ISO 17025 Calibration Certificates
  • Reporting available in printed and PDF formats
  • Uploading of meter configuration program files