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Some helpful questions answered on Advanced Metering Infrastructure:

What is Smart metering in the Advanced Metering Infrastructure environment?

Unlike a conventional electricity meter that only captures a register reading, a smart meter is a type of advanced electricity meter that captures electricity consumed in half hour intervals. This information can be used to understand how electricity is used throughout the day. Metrix smart meters communicate the meter data back to its systems via a communications network.

Why is Metrix investing in Advanced Metering Infrastructure?

Metrix is the major electricity meter asset owner in the Auckland region. New technology in the form of smart metering enables electricity retailers to benefit from automated data collection without the need to send meter readers to each premises to capture electricity readings.

In addition to the increased operational efficiencies and automated validation from gaining remote reading services, interval consumption data enables electricity retailers to introduce innovative services and pricing plans to the consumer. The end result is that consumers will benefit from improved services from their electricity retailer.  

Where is Metrix installing Advanced Metering Infrastructure?

A significant deployment programme will see Metrix deploy Advanced Metering Infrastructure across its existing electricity metering asset base. This will mean that over the next few years, Metrix will have upgraded its conventional meters to smart metering.

In order to maximise a low-cost deployment programme for Metrix customers, a controlled roll-out is planned that will gradually deliver innovative services to the end consumer. 

What are the benefits of Smart Metering?

In the first instance, electricity retailers benefit from operational cost savings from automation. Typically this involves avoiding the need to manage estimated readings and validate information, which has historically been a labour intensive operation.

Secondly, the collection of interval consumption enables retailers to introduce new services and innovative tariffing to their customers. A good example of this is on-peak and off-peak tariffing, where the consumer is able to benefit from cheaper electricity charges in off-peak periods.          

Consumers will benefit directly from improved services that are ultimately driven by greater knowledge of their consumption data. A good example of an improved service is the ability to have 'actual' register readings each month (meaning no estimated bills) and being able to clearly identify where electricity consumption savings can be made.

Who owns the meter box and electrical wiring?

The consumer owns the meter box, meter board, switches, fuses and all electrical wiring inside the meter box. The customer is responsible for the maintenance of this equipment.

The metering and associated load control devices are not owned by the consumer. We are responsible for the maintenance of Metrix-owned metering and associated load control devices.